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Salt Lake Theological Seminary (SLTS) operated for over 25 years as a multi-denominational Protestant graduate school providing practical, relevant Christian education and leadership training.  Located in the unique religious setting of Utah, SLTS existed to equip men and women to meet the challenges of sharing the Good News in the midst of the increasing cultural diversity of our world.  Effectual, scriptural leadership training combined with rigorous academic study and formative mentored experiences made SLTS an invaluable resource for Christian workers.

For the latest public announcement on the status of the seminary please read this important press release.  As of March 2010 the former seminary began the start-up phase and the steps towards legally "doing business as" the Vine institute - cultivating leaders in Christ.  As a diversified education network serving leaders in Utah’s refugee, immigrant, established and emerging churches, the Vine institute continues the SLTS vision for Christian leadership training that includes formative mentoring.  the Vine institute's mission is "to network to cultivate leaders in Christ to promote healthy churches."

If you have any questions please contact us at slts@slts.edu.